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Risk of horse riding - information for Riders and Parents


Horse Riding Accident Statistics in 2022 (U.S. Data) | Horses Only


Will you allow your child to get on even a small moped without thinking?

As an adult alone, will you get on a motorcycle without thinking?

By agreeing to ride your child's horse without proper security, you expose them to a risk several times greater. Before you enroll your child in the nursery, check what procedures it has - how these procedures are documented and monitored. SKJ Poland Park has a comprehensive, transparent system in this area, available to interested persons at any time. Equestrianism, along with skiing and football, is one of the most popular sports in Europe, North America and Australia.


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According to the results of the research, horse riding is a high-risk sport! In equestrianism, you have to reckon with even a few events per 1000 hours of driving resulting in a visit to the hospital, including about one injury per 2000 hours of driving requiring you to stay under hospital care.


As research shows, the probability of a serious injury is about 3 times higher than for riding a motorcycle!



A large horse weighs about 500 kg, its behavior cannot be completely predicted, in the first phase of falling from a large horse, the rider's head can be even at a height of 3 m and the horse can move at a speed of 50 km / h. Also for this reason, small children should not ride and especially gallop on large horses.


Horse Riding Accident Statistics in 2022 (U.S. Data) | Horses Only