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Dear Parents!


(You can reach us at - 519513400)


For children up to 11 years of age, we teach at 5 levels:

  1. individual classes on the lunge - work on rhythm and balance, improving the gallop
  2. Duo classes - riding and commuting with other horses, keeping a distance in the walk, trot and gallop
  3. group classes at the basic level - dressage figures, straight ahead riding, changes of directions, gallops in a group, work on poles, pony games
  4. introduction to jumping - overcoming flat obstacles at a gallop, changing legs at a gallop and ting, correct raids on a parkour composed of flat obstacles
  5. dressage and jumping training for the Bronze Equestrian Badge - parkour up to 50 cm high




To help you choose the right horse riding package, we have prepared a list of all offers of our Club "Poland Park", including both riding packages, additional activities, holiday trips, etc.

Our Club has a full equestrian offer for all riders, both young and old, at each of the levels of advancement. Currently, more than 100 children and 50 adults ride with us! We have nearly 40 horses and several squares for horse riding, including the largest indoor riding school in Warsaw with a professional ground.

Especially for you, we have conducted a study of factors influencing the choice of an equestrian club.

Our club has the strongest Coaching Team in Warsaw.

Club members are served by a professional team equipped with top-class integrated IT system, where everything is registered, transparent and all the payments are accounted [NO CASH PAYMENTS ACCEPTED]!

In addition, as the only club in Poland, we have an implemented, documented and monitored risk management system, every dangerous situation is recorded and analyzed and the risk of conducting each training is estimated in our IT system.



The equestrian offer at SKJ "Poland Park" is not only horse riding lessons in the Club, but also various field trips, horse rallies, preparatory camps, sports camps and much more!





  • Children aged 5 - 8 years
  • Children aged 9 -11 years
  • Teenagers aged 12-15 years
  • Adolescents and adults aged 16+

We have a lot of families - we are the only club withing the vicinity of Warsaw that can drive at different levels of advancement and in different age groups at the same time!


Join our Club!

If you are interested in developing your riding skills with us, we cordially invite you to a 50-minute test drive, during which you will see how our Equestrian Club works.


For additional detailed information, including the price list, please fill in the application form or contact the Club by phone: +48 519 513 400


Also make sure to have a look at :

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          • The strongest team of Trainers and Instructors Description of the Coaching Team
          • Timeline Calendar of events related to the functioning of SKJ "Poland Park".
          • "I recommend Poland Park"A program for all Club Members of SKJ "Poland Park" in which we reward for recommending our Club.
          • Riding on lunge, A collection of information for all beginners who want to see where horse riding lessons in our Club begin. In addition, organizational information about the first horse riding lesson.
          • Test drive Everything you want to know about the test drive at SKJ "Poland Park".
          • Driving program A detailed equestrian program for members of our Club.