Ride together and save together!

Program "I recommend Poland Park"


Ladies and gentlemen,


We wish to emphasize that it is not our intention to acquire Club members at any price. On the contrary, we try to ensure that all our members are seriously interested in horse riding, have appropriate predisposition for this activity and proper attitude to horses and other riders.

Riding in Poland is not so popular (the relative number of people practicing this activity in Poland is about 10 times lower than in Anglo­Saxon countries). Taking into account our high expectations of new members, the acquisition of such persons is not an easy task. On the other hand, we offer children and adults unique opportunities for riding, personal development and networking and dedicated programs for adults lead by top instructors.

It is our common interest the proper utilisation of the infrastructure of the Club. Development opportunities in Tor Służewiec (racing course) are virtually endless. Attracting new members is not conflicting with the service we provide to you, on the contrary, only through the development we will have more and better horses, resources for improving the skills of trainers, investment and infrastructure development. That is why we have created the program "I recommend Poland Park".

Please also note that we are a club which is ​certified​ by the Polish Equestrian Federation and we are the only club which has documented and monitored (in Salesforce CRM) safety procedure for riding lessons.

The rules

Club member (beneficiary) of Poland Park sends an invitation to a selected friend. The friend is entitled to a ​free test ride​. If this person will sign the membership agreement with Poland Park, the club member (beneficiary) will be informed by the reception of the reward within this program.

The benefits

Club member (beneficiary), who will recommend one person will receive (choose one option):

● 30% discount for participation in equestrian competition

● the right to choice a horse for a month within the framework of its activities

● three lessons at a special price 9.99 for each ride

● 10% additional discount on training camp

● 100.000 Frequent Rider points

● 50% discount on the membership fee (till the end of the season but no longer than 6 months)

A Member may recommend more than one person. In the case of minor participants of the prize must be accepted by the parents.

We invite you to recommend us and collecting awards.