Special offer for international schools

Special offer for International Schools - Summer term 2016

About us

Poland Park is a unique place where more than 150 children and teenagers are taught to ride horses from the very beginning up to Poland Championship level.  It is a multicultural place where children of different nationalities are welcome. Competitions, intensive training sessions, championships, internal events, summer camps and winter courses are offered.  A great deal of attention is paid to safety and the whole process of learning to ride. Highly qualified, English speaking trainers authorized by PZJ, very good ponies, an outstanding indoor riding arena and 5 outdoor schools (ideally located) combined with a structured learning process (including an individual development plan) create a well-balanced infrastructure.


Please also note that we are a club which is certified by the Polish Equestrian Federation and we are the only club which has documented and monitored (in Salesforce CRM)  safety procedure for riding lessons.


Dear Parents,


In September 2017  we will start with the kick-off meetings for all interested participants. We are very enthusiastic about continuing special offer for international schools in Winter term 2017.


Goals for the Participants


Our aim will be to bring all beginners to the basic level (ability to trot  in the group and start canter on the lunge). For more advanced ridirs we will stracture the 10 - lessons program which will finish with the small competition.


The second goal will further integration of kids from International Schools in Warsawa and building their practical skills during workshops with horses and in the stable (on Saturdays at 1200)


The group lessons foster also the teamwork and integration.





Prices and schedule


Trial (assessment lessons) - PLN 150

Lessons within Winter  2017  will start September 11th.


Beginners' schedule


(8 kids) on weekends (minimum requirement - age 7, height - 125cm, no riding experience necessary)

  • 12pm, 1pm, 3pm 4pm - individual lessons

  • cost PLN 990,-  for 8 individual  lessons (60 minutes)

Advanced Riders' schedule


(8 kids) on Saturdays at 2 pm.  (minimum requirement - age 7, height - 125cm, ability to lead the horse in canter)

  • 12.00  - stable works (group)

  • cost PLN 900,- for 10 lessons (60 minutes)

remark - the stable activities might be shared with other Poland Park kids up to 6 kids per instructor, 25% of lessons can be cancelled and made-up(recovered) on agreed days

registration- please fill in the special  form for International Schools


Insurance and risk



Usually the schools will arrange the insurance for participants, nevertheless we encourage you to concider individual insurance policy covering the risk connected to horse riding.


We also encourage you to read about risks(*) (horseback riding is considered to be more risky than motorbiking!)


(*)there are sources in English


FAQs for member


please read the document