Welcome message for Members


Dear Customer,


We are very happy that you are willing to take riding lessons at Poland Park.


In order to provide you with excellent service and support with your decisions we would like to summarise most important issues


  1. Making reservations

    Except the initial period of 5 lessons our reception can make reservation based on e-signed agreement. You will certainly understand that the agreements are important for compliance and clarification purpose

  2. Entering the Racing Course Area

    Totalizator Sportowy, the Lessor of the area leased by Poland Park,  introduced fees for vehicles entering Służewiec Horse Racing Course (TWKS). The amount is determined on annual basis  - 50 PLN amount for one car (family with more than one vehicle has to pay for every extra vehicle or park outside the area). But take into account that if you are coming just for first 5 trial lessons you shall get each time at the gate temporary entrance card (free of charge). For details how to arrange the yearly entrance card go here.  

  3. Riding schedule

    Having signed agreement you can go ahead with your riding schedule. All lessons are stored and monitored (also for the purpose of risk management) in our Salesforce CRM. You can ask any time for the schedule or report which we will send you by email

  4. Assignment of horses and instructors

    For the members we are trying to find the best fit with the leading instructor, whereas the good communication and motivation skill are the most important factors. For beginners we change the horses since you have to learn horse riding or not just riding one one horse. Nevertheless the beginers get more quiet and reliable horses. Read more  for the assignment policy here.

  5. Cancellation of the lessons

    You can cancel and recover (make up) 25% of lessons (value based). For the details refer to FAQs and use the cancellation form.

  6. Membership or just riding pass for limited number of lessons? That is the question!

    Here are definitely pros and cons. We will be very happy to advise you based on your case. General rule - if you are going to ride more, stay longer in Poland - go for membership and it will pay off.

    The  key benefits for members are:

    1. Individual development plan in the written form with milestones

    2. Dedicated Account Manager

    3. Free of charge video consulting

    4. Lower prices for lessons

    5. Discounts for summer camps, competitions etc

    6. Salesforce chatter access (knowledge base)

    7. Priority response time

    8. Free pony service and workshops for small kids

    9. Recommend a friend programme

  7. What happens during vacation period ( July - August - for members only)

    Basically you have 2 options:

    A. continue as it is scheduled but please take into account that the riding times may be changed - for early morning or late afternoon

    B. suspend your riding - In the summer season 2017 customer will be entitled to suspend the rides from July, 3th (Monday) till August 27th (Sunday) 2017 subject the additional fee (PLN 600) for maintaining the club infrastructure in summer is paid until June, 23rd 2017. The notification about the suspension shall be sent 14 days prior the first suspended ride. During the suspension period the customer has the right to take rides based on the price list less 25% discount (including individual lessons where discounts are usually not granted). The other option is to pay PLN 1000,- instead of PLN 600,-  - in this case all your group lessons during suspension period are free (included in the amount of PLN 1000,-

  8. Customer service

    We do provide members with more services but we treat your remark seriously, regardless whether you are a member or not. In case of claim we do encourage you to submit it by email or talk to your account manager, then we will call you back. There is also an appraisal form available (for the lesson) and an appraisal form for the instructor. Send your requests at than the response time starts.

  9. Risk management and insurance

    Riding is sport or increase risk therefore you must be sure that your insurance policy is covering horse riding. We do have our proprietary risk management system which is documented and monitored in Salesforce CRM. Please read carefully FAQs.

  10. What are the next steps?

    1. Agree your schedule

    2. Sign the e-agreement (it will be sent to you by email)

    3. Buy riding equipment

    4. Enjoy your riding

    5. Talk to our club managers (Mrs Agnieszka 519513410, Mrs Weronika 519513412 or our CEO - Marek Kozlowski - 519513400

    6. Make a claim if you are not happy, give us your positive feedback if you believe we deliver what we promised

    7. Recommend us to your friends in Warsaw

Thank you for reading!


Poland Park’s team


Additional information: riding equipment



we recommendshort leather boots withchaps


do not buy expensive long leather boots or cheap long gummi boots (they can be used for work in the box only)

Breeches and Jodhpurs


we recommend jodhpurs


here you can understand the difference


do not buy expensive jods, instead of one fancy pair buy 2-3 ordinary ones

Recommended shops (if you say you are our member you are likely to get small discount)


Sklep Karina (Ursynow district)


Horsepol (City Center)